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Wish Upon A Streaming Star Season 1 Volume 2 - Special Edition Paperback

Wish Upon A Streaming Star Season 1 Volume 2 - Special Edition Paperback

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She’s in it for the cash. He needs the stats. Falling in love could ruin it all.

Daisy McEntire and Caz Cortéz are sent an anonymous challenge: reenact some movie scenes together within 48 hours on livestream and win half a million dollars. It sounds simple enough—until every scene twists to expose the embarrassing parts of their past while millions of people watch online.

However, their chemistry stirs up some kind of magic viral formula. Business begins to boom at Daisy’s campground, and as Caz’s viewer counts rise, so does his fame. Before they know it, their friendship rekindles onscreen and an irresistible attraction smolders behind the scenes.

No big deal. They can handle this—even if Daisy’s mama is looking to sell the campground, Caz is days away from moving to California, and, oh yeah, they kissed—and nobody knows except one stalker fan who’s threatening to release the stolen footage to the public.

With only 12 hours left to complete the challenge, Caz and Daisy are so close to gaining everything they ever wanted. But will the money and fame still be worth it if they lose each other in the end?

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